FreiWillig – Episode 9: The Couple

erotica ebooks by Lilly M Beck

Inspired by real life events.


The music sounds through the speakers, the sun is shining, and I have opened the front windows. The curtains are blowing lightly in the wind and the surface of the water in the pool glitters. In a good mood, I sing along loudly and set the table ready for our breakfast. Just as I put the plate with the strips of peppers and slices of tomato and mozzarella cuts next to the bread basket, I hear you coming through the living room. You are wearing sporty sneakers, a shirt and loose cotton sweatpants. You look incredibly good in all of it. You hand me the gym bag with a smile and kiss me on the cheek.
“Good morning, babe.”
I caress your cheek and kiss your mouth. You’ve been running and you’re sweaty. After I put the pastries on your seat, you pretend to grab me and throw me in the pool. You tickle me and I have to laugh heartily. It is light-hearted and easy with you again. I know what I can expect from you and I’m confident in you.
While I make cappuccino for us and take care of the rest of the food, you take a quick shower and then come back to me to the terrace. I finished everything quickly and now while waiting I put my feet on your seat and closed my eyes. I have put my neck comfortably on the backrest. You lean on my chair, bend over me and from your hair little drops of water fall from your hair into my face. I beam at you and look at you greedily. The sun sets you perfectly in the scene. You wear only shorts and look so damn hot in them. You give me a kiss on the forehead, go to your chair, grab my feet, put them on your thighs and caress me gently while you take the first sip from your cup. You look at me for a long time.
“I’m very hungry,” you grin.
I grin too, we love the ambiguity, often play with it. We have relaxed brunches and talk about all kinds of things, fool around, flirt violently with each other. We are well-rehearsed by now. We spent half the morning outside.
With you here in your apartment, so high above Berlin, it is like a holiday from the big city and the crowd. With the pool on your terrace, it’s a wonderful place to relax. We don’t need anything or anyone but us right now. I wear short jeans shorts and my bikini top.
We clear the table together. You’re in a flirtatious mood and I’m enjoying it very much. I love your attention, how eloquently you weaken me, soften my knees and stoke the fire inside me. Every single time, I just melt away. I get wet quickly anyway when something turns me on, but with you my basic state is wet. You manage like no one else to serve my desires, and often simply with words. If you touch me, I’m done. I understand better and better why I am completely addicted to you and why I fell so quickly. You are a dangerous man, charmer and animal at the same time. It’s late to realize how much you captivate and enchant people.
I’m a grown, mature woman, I have a good job, I have a more or less fulfilling relationship and you would think I had everything … but you showed me what I was missing. And I let you take my guard down with your interest in me. I was so careful until our date. My life is incredibly important to me, I have built everything up this way, made myself comfortable and functioned satisfactorily for years. But then you came and now I enjoy these secret trips with you, making me believe that what we do does not harm anyone, because nobody notices. I am not worried about my karma points; I am a good person. But through you I have got to know myself so much better, I am so much more honest with myself and my surroundings. I can now stand up for my concerns even better and let go when it is not worthwhile to invest energy and strength.
You are my net, which is unfair to everyone else…
because having an “alternative” that catches you and is always there when you are at a loss does not necessarily make me more patient with my fellow human beings. I work hard on myself every day and basically oscillate between the two theses; you only have to want something strongly enough, then you can do anything, and from a certain age you don’t change any more, you are the way you are. Most of the time the conviction wins that life is change, and therefore everything is possible.
You take the tray and carry everything perishable into the kitchen. I’ll follow you and watch you put everything away.

When you close the fridge door, you discover me, look amused and tease me: “Your saliva is running out of your mouth from lust, babe. “
Your eyes show your lust. You come over to me and lift me up on the dresser. Stroke my lips and kiss me tenderly, only to slip a miniature rolling pin between my teeth right after.
“Don’t drop it, Sub.”
I nod well and feel excitement rising in me. What are you going to do? From the open drawer next to us you take two rubber seals from large jars and tie my hands behind my back. You stand between my legs and devote yourself to your plan with great care. Is this a spontaneous action or did you plan it between coffee and croissant? My head is racing. When you lead me into a session, it’s always intense. There are always challenges waiting for me, which bring me closer to you in the end. Which pull me into an abyss with you and push my limits by trusting in us. Most of the time. You always feel how far is still okay and how far I am willing to go for y…

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