FreiWillig – Episode 4: Show Yourself

erotica ebooks by Lilly M Beck

Inspired by real life events.


I dance through the living room of my small apartment in a good mood. The company lets me live here for the duration of the projects. But sometimes I only get a hotel room. Anyway, the advantage here is that it feels like home. But in a hotel it’s more comfortable, service at every corner. Princess style. I like it. In everyday life I do everything myself, so it may be a little luxury. But the accommodation here is equipped with all the chicanery and is really modern. Especially the location and the balcony are real plus points.
The music plays from the loudspeakers in all rooms while I clean the place. This was long overdue. I will probably never turn into a super housewife, I like it clean and tidy, that’s enough for me, I don’t want to perform open heart surgery on my premises. That’s why two grains of dust don’t bother me, while it has to be super hygienically clean with girlfriends. I prefer to have horny fuck dates while they clean. But I can hardly tell them that.
I made good use of my free time today. The washing machine is running for the second time, the first load of laundry is already hanging on the balcony, spreading that wonderful fabric softener scent throughout the living room. The bright, transparent curtains are blowing lightly and the sun illuminates the whole room. I wear a turban made of especially absorbent microfibre around my head to gently dry my long hair. Ingenious invention. So I save myself the occasional hair dryer and allow my hair to enjoy the summer sun. My T-shirt is wide cut and my shoulder is completely free. I take the vacuum cleaner through the rooms and wiggle my bottom nicely. My workout for today. I wonder about the strange noise, but then I think it belongs to the song. But when it deviates even more from the melody, I interrupt my work, push the cloth a bit from my left ear and listen attentively. So I am right. The doorbell rang. I turn off the vacuum cleaner and go to the door.
My heart stops in shock when I open the front door and you are standing right in front of me. I didn’t expect that. Apart from the fact that you can’t even get into the stairwell without me pushing you, I am confused about what you do here during the day.
You grin and explain to me that you went upstairs with my neighbor. You ask me if you can come in and, with my permission, you go through to the living room. I unplug the cable from the socket and bend over for the vacuum cleaner pipe. “You don’t have to stop for me, it looks damn good,” you laugh. I laugh too, but I put everything away. I’ve had enough for today anyway. I’m still wondering what you’re doing here and I’m very curious to hear your explanation. You have a bag with you. I wonder what’s in it. I’m so curious. You put it on the coffee table and don’t mention it at first.
When I pass you again to smooth the curtain, you take my hand and don’t let me go. “Stay here, Hanna.”
I am barefoot on the parquet floor and so it is easy for you to stop me and pull me toward you. We look deep into each other’s eyes. I’m still nervous every time. This is unbelievable. No one else on this planet has this effect on me. You’re so inscrutable, and therefore so unpredictable. Your imagination is endless and you’re incredibly versatile. I never know what’s going to happen. Which makes our game perfect. And since you clearly have the dominant part, I often feel inferior, but in a horny bizarre way. I love that you constantly surprise and challenge me.

You kiss me lasciviously right away. You immediately make it clear that you want me and I snuggle up to you and am immediately on fire. We kiss standing up for a while until you push me away from you. I like the look that tells me you’ve become a predator again. A wolf that fixes on its prey and is ready for the hunt. You stroke my very pink lips. Your beard has supplied it and the surrounding skin with good blood and is a little irritating.
Your hand is holding the back of my neck and you are looking at me with blatant horny eyes. My head leans against your hand and I’m happy to see how much you want it. I just put on an eyeliner that optically thickens the lashes and thus emphasizes my eyes. From the last hours of sunshine on the balcony I wear a few freckles on my nose and cheek. You order me to fetch it. “On all fours. In your mouth, babe.” My body reacts immediately and I feel a distinct pull in my abdomen. I know exactly which toy you mean. You free my throat and nod your head in agreement with …

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