FreiWillig – Episode 3: Give It To Me

erotica ebooks by Lilly M Beck

Inspired by real life events.


Fascinated I watch the glittering. The light refracts so beautifully in the water and makes the sunrays dance in the small white stones in my bracelet. I love the little chain with a special ring. Everyone who knows about BDSM can now see that I have a gentleman. I find this fact cool and I wear it with pride. Every time I reach for something or move my wrist, the metal bumps lightly against my watch and it makes this fine sound and reminds me of you. Us. Of our sessions. I just love it. Not just because you gave it to me. I love it for what it stands for. Our deep, sexy connection. That unique blend of loyalty and friendship-PLUS, that’s what makes it so appealing to me. I can be deprived with you and live it to the fullest. Secretly. You’ve been my secret for months, and I don’t even feel guilty. I still don’t. I don’t think it’s gonna start now. I’m taking up too much of your time for that. You’re mine as much as I am yours. It’s funny, not being able to talk about this with anybody… I often find myself wanting to shout out with my girlfriends in nice moments how great our sex is, how imaginative, and how dirty it is with you. And then I lie to them. But my life, my rules. I want to protect us. So I’m not gonna say anything. And I don’t want anyone to judge me. I keep telling myself that if I had to leave tomorrow, I would have lived a pretty exciting life, savoring every moment – with all my loved ones. Always 100%, doesn’t like half measures. And I don’t believe in the traditional anyway. I don’t want to be forbidden anything and be pressed into standards. I don’t fit in with my oversized ass anyway. Let the others bend, pant after something that doesn’t make them happy anyway, and then in a few years, they’ll find out that they’re old and wrinkled and have wasted their best years on a dream or a man. I have always been curious about life and fascinated by people, relationships, playing with each other, and feelings.
You’re a real sweetheart and we’re already pretty well-oiled. You call and I come. Today you sent me the code for your apartment and told me to bring a bikini. The pool on your terrace is amazing and I refuse to think about how you make a living. There are really worse things than spending your lunch break with your master in a luxury apartment with its own pool on the 17th floor in Berlin in the summer. You’re not here yet, your appointment has probably taken longer.
I lean back, close my eyes, play with the bracelet, and breathe in and out deeply in a relaxed manner. The memory of our special evening here with you immediately raises the frequency of my heartbeat. All evenings with you here were special, but on this particular evening, you made me your sub. The way I received the bracelet was cinematic. But you are special in many ways. I’m not head over heels in love with you, I like you a lot. Yeah, I admit it. But more importantly, my body reacts so strongly to you. I love the way you drive me crazy and play with me. Sometimes gently, sometimes strictly and hard, your way, I just fell for you… and I always long for you so much after a short time… So in love after all? I don’t have to worry about that because our thing doesn’t need a name. We don’t have to label it. It is what it is, as long as it is. Done.
My breath goes slow and steady. I breathe in and out again with relish. It smells different up here than down. I relax. I come down from the stress of the office. There are definite perks to being your little girl. A sly smile plays on my sensual lips. I’ve lied even more since I met you. Your wish is my command. Always. I’m watching my phone all the time and I would never dare ignore you. Meanwhile, we have some rules, which if not followed will, of course, have consequences. I smile.

I hear footsteps and am certain that you are now standing opposite in the glass door looking at me.
Without looking over, I ask: “Gregor, do you intend to stay there? I’m already overrunning my lunch break because of you anyway. I’ll probably get fired soon because of you.” I laugh and I can’t resist looking at your reaction. I slide my sunglasses down and look at you through them. You’re leaning into the doorway with your sleeves rolled up. Like I said. It’s frightening how well I know you. You playfully shake your head in indignation and slowly come over to my side. This won’t take long. The pool is not the size of the Olympics, it’s really more for cooling off in summer and perfect for nice evenings for two. “Is it possible that your ass is just about to apply for a proper riding crop?” You smile. Oh, that smile. It’s a kneeling feeling. In every sense of the word. You look so good. Even in that stuffy suit, you’re so attractive to me. Casual an…

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