FreiWillig – Episode 6: A Deserved Present

erotica ebooks by Lilly M Beck

Inspired by real life events.


I’m always totally fascinated how you manage, with all the crap around you, to address the anger only to the one it concerns. I have never seen you take your bad mood out on someone uninvolved or become unfair because of it. And all of that despite the fact that you carry so much responsibility and are mainly dependent on the interaction of your business partners and subordinates. You coordinate so many things at once and take care of even the most insignificant details to keep the business running and the project successful. You live your job. You are conscientious, reliable, and committed to the cause. That means you go your own way, without regard for others. In the past few months, I have been able to see you on the phone again and again and have learned a lot about you. The businessman is unscrupulous and unyielding when it comes to his success. Unlike my Lord. He patiently allows me my learning process. Of course, with the appropriate support, but always fair, with care.
After we have talked for a long time about why it is so incredibly important to me to separate private and professional life with you, there were no more joint appointments in my office and I am infinitely grateful to you for this. This has clearly gone too far for me. The boundaries were clearly defined beforehand and I definitely don’t want to go too far. Here in Berlin more is possible with you than anywhere else. We have formed our little bubble here, in which we temporarily disappear and live as if there were nothing and nobody else. But that’s not true…
We’re in the study room, in your apartment. I was on time, of course, but you have a few things to sort out before we can leave. I’m lying crossways in your big, brown leather chair, flipping through a magazine. You’re wearing your Bluetooth-in-ear headset around your neck, pacing the room during the phone call. The person you’re talking to gets your demanding nature out and probably assures you that it will be dealt with soon. You are satisfied.
Just as you hang up, your secretary calls to discuss the matter with you. You sit on the armchair, next to my head, and stroke me. I kiss your hand and cuddle your arm. Your tone has changed. Your assistant is a treasure anyway and you’re always very good to her. Your hand, stroking my cheek, stroking my breasts, further down my stomach, right between my legs. You push the skirt up and immediately massage my middle through the red lace fabric. I join in. How do you do it? While you coordinate your appointments with her in a very objective way and ask her for different things, you devote yourself entirely to my cunt. I look up to you. My eyes are half closed. Through my eyelashes I see you smiling devilishly. Your eyes are shining. You won’t let me come now, will you? I am still thinking about how far you want to take this game and whether I can even get completely involved, you make it unmistakably clear how seriously you take it. You go around the chair and stand in front of it. You reach out your hand and pull me up. …so that I’m sitting with my legs apart, right in front of your crotch. You look down at me with a challenge. Raise one eyebrow. Although completely different words leave your mouth, I understand one hundred percent what you have told me. I wink at you, smile, unzip your fly and pull your cock out. Gently I lick over your tip and tease you. We understand each other only with eye contact, I clearly recognize your desire, your severity, your warning not to go too far. I know exactly what you expect from me, but the attraction of playing with you while you are on the phone is just too great and tempting. I grasp your shaft and let my tongue slowly move around your glans. Your penis gets harder in my hand and I love it. Very gently, I let the tip of my tongue slide over your little hole and stretch it very gently. You clear your throat. Oh, someone’s not concentrating so well after all. I grin and jerk you off twice hard.
You look down on me and I know exactly what you’re thinking right now. I can read it from your mouth. Hear you despite the silence, in my ear. “You beast. Suck my dick already.” I put on my innocent look, meaning that I unfortunately don’t understand what you want from me and continue at a reduced pace. I’m going to lick your entire shaft and then generously upwards. You grin. I know how horny you find my lips and like it when I suck on you.

Right now, you’re holding a monologue about what is important to keep in mind when scheduling the next days, when I take my chance and lure you out of your reserve. You seem completely uninvolved right now, which is infuriating. I’m trying to drive you crazy. I can only tell you’re horny by the hardness of your cock. Otherwise, you don’t make a face and your voice is not noticeable. I was just at your balls. You usually like me sucking, but there’s no reaction. Now I want to give you what you want. But before I can really take the initiative, you grab my ponytail and take over the control. I can’t look that fast and see how you have pushed yourself deep between my lips, deep down into my throat. You just fuck my mouth hard and leave no doubt who’s in charge. You ask your secretary for information about your conversation partner in the video meeting tomorrow and would like to have it by this afternoon. You are unbelievable. I choke because you’ve pushed yourself all the way in and you…

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