Forbidden Desire

erotica ebooks by Roger Rabiot

Forbidden Desire

erotica ebooks by Roger Rabiot
erotica ebooks by Roger Rabiot

Forbidden Desire

Almost 18-year-old Tim plunges into an affair with his teacher and discovers his sexual preferences.

The Somewhat Different Grade Review

Tim didn’t understand why he couldn’t curb his nervousness. It was not the first time that he had to go for a grade review, nor was he afraid of his grade.
“Why should I be? I know how much I’ve worked,” he mused, realizing what was the real reason for his nervousness: his teacher.
Ms. Dammer was actually popular with everyone at school. His classmates loved her way of teaching, and from some conversations he had eavesdropped on, he knew that her colleagues envied her. The previous history teacher had never gotten as much attention as her. Tim’s problem was not that he didn’t get on with her, but that he wanted more.
“I know it’s wrong,” he thought to himself, “but what should I do? I can’t turn my emotions off.”
He remembered the day when she first came into the room and introduced herself to them. Her walnut brown hair had performed a dance in front of his eyes and it was difficult for him to pull himself together. After that he had tried not to look at her anymore, but her elegant black blazer had caught his eye too much. His eyes had stopped on her body until Tim had looked into her olive-green eyes and got lost in them.
From then on, he had barely been able to concentrate on the lessons but kept catching himself looking at her eyes instead, on appropriate occasions. He kept imagining how he smelled her shoulder-length hair, brushed it behind her ears and kissed her softly on the full lips. He tried to suppress these fantasies, but as soon as Ms. Dammer started to explain something, they shot again in his head.
“Tim?! It’s your turn!”, He suddenly heard one of his classmates call and was torn from his trance.
Then he rose wordlessly from his seat and slowly made his way out. The closer he got to the door, the harder his steps became. He had never been this close to her before, but now he would sit across from her and didn’t know if he could make it through without an embarrassment.
“If not something worse,” he feared when he closed the classroom door behind him and saw her sitting at the table.
She just looked at her documents again until she finally noticed Tim and asked him with a friendly smile: “There you are, Tim, please take a seat.”
Without saying anything, or rather resisting to say something wrong, he took a seat and waited for her next words.
After what felt like an eternity, she finally wanted to know: “So, Tim, how do you assess your oral performance in the first few weeks?”
It was the standard question for all teachers and usually Tim could give a sure answer. Either because he was good in the subject or because he did not attend too often out of boredom. With her, unfortunately, there were other reasons for this, and Tim was already feeling the excitement inside him when he looked into the questioning, enchanting eyes of his history teacher. He noticed how his heart began to pound in an almost unbearable way and his armpits began to sweat with nervousness.
“She looks at me … Finally, she notices me, and I don’t have a single thought. But I have to tell her something now,” Tim panicked. “Quiet … Say something about your grade, pick up your four and then quickly back to the classroom before you get a hard on her.”
Since he had to give her some explanation, he started hesitantly: “I know … that I wasn’t quite as good… as I might have been. That’s why I think … that I shouldn’t have more than four. But I assure… ”
“You don’t have to pretend to me,” said Ms. Dammer in the middle of the word and continued: “I have noticed how you look at me every time I enter the room. I know that you’re attached to every word I say, but you can’t reply if I ask you anything.”
“I’m dead,” thought Tim at that moment, “I’m definitely dead. Who knows what she will tell the headmaster? He’ll never believe me in life that I didn’t do anything if she told him otherwise.” Tim braced himself for an outburst of anger. For a slap in the face or something worse. After all, it could be damaging to his history teacher if someone thought that he was in love with her. In the worst case, she would lose her post. Instead, Ms. Dammer started giggling. Now Tim understood nothing. “She thinks that’s funny too?!” he thought, irritated. “My cock would like to jump out of my pants, the rest of my body gets a panic attack instead … and she giggles. She thinks I’m just some little boy and not a man. ”
The strange mix of feelings paralyzed him almost completely. Except for one part of the body, of course. He had no idea what to do or say now. But before he could say anything, Ms. Dammer suddenly leaned forward, gripped his face with her hands, and kissed him. Tim didn’t know what was happening to him, but instead of pushing her away, he returned the kiss and closed his eyes. He soaked up the taste of her lips, his lips becoming a little wetter than he would like and his cock pressing against the fabric of his pants.
“I’ve imagined that for so long, but why is that happening now?” He wondered inwardly as she slowly let go of him again, her lips loosened from his and he opened his eyes again.
“Did you like that?” She wanted to know, whereupon Tim could only nod, because at the moment he was unable to say a word.
Then Ms. Dammer giggled again and said: “You probably would not have thought that this would come out during your grades review, would you?”
Again, he didn’t manage to get a single word, which is why he only shook his head.
“I don’t know if her coolness is just being played or not, but I wish the ‘meeting’ would take a little longer.”
First, she tore a piece from one side of her notebook, then reached for her pen and began to write something on the scraps of paper.
After a few moments she was finished, pushed the note to Tim and said: “It has my address and phone number on it. Believe me, I would like to do more with you, but at the moment we are not in the right place. Call me as soon as you can, and we’ll meet. ”

Maybe it was just imagination, but he felt that his teacher was looking at him eagerly as she told him. Before anyone looked where Tim was, he quickly put the note in his pocket and was about to go back to the classroom when he suddenly felt her hand on his leg. Slowly but surely, she was approaching an area where Tim had never touched before. For a brief moment it felt like she was stroking his swollen penis, and it started to pulsate for a moment. However, she took her hand away before he could really be sure that it wasn’t just imagination.
Then she gave him that lusty look again and whispered: “You will get a three plus from me.”
Fortunately, Tim knew who was next. So, he gathered himself briefly, called for the person and sat down in his seat as quickly as possible so that his cock could go back to normal again.
For the rest of the hour he was only amazed: “What just happened?”

The Forbidden Encounter

“I can hardly believe that I am doing thi…

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