Fighting from the Inside

Fighting from the inside

She writes great erotic stories.

But it’s not just for fun. It’s to change the world: Kat represents BERLINABLE in Jacksonville, North Carolina. A city in which half of the population is employed by the U.S. military, and there are almost two men for every woman.

It’s in this scenario that this author writes beautifully crafted queer erotica. She brings her own experience into detailed stories – usually with a BDSM spin on it. Think of Abad’s books as the lesbian, actually good, 50 Shades of Grey counterparts.
In her own words, “I write erotica because there is nothing I love more than arousing others. Not just sexually, but also mentally. I want to open a reader’s mind with vivid imagery, push their boundaries, make them think. Make them feel. Feeling anything in such a numbing world is a gift.”

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