Naughty cupid erotica contest


By Daniel Sikora

Foam by Daniel Sikora

Davide             You can put your clothes on the chair if you like.

Samuel            Perfect.

Davide             It’s close to the heating, so you will be warm when you leave.

Samuel            I’m warm already, don’t worry about that. Don’t need heating when there’s a hot guy like you around.

Davide             Thanks, you look better than your pictures. Even more handsome.

Samuel            Did you put something in the water? It looks so blue.

Davide             It’s just sad water.

Samuel            Ha ha, let’s make it happy.

Davide            I bought this bath bomb, that’s why it smells and looks a bit fancy.

Samuel            Here we go.

Davide             Indeed.

Samuel            I never had a Valentine’s date where the first thing we did was taking a bath.

Davide             It’s funny, but in the last months it happened three times already.

Samuel            Really?

Davide             Probably the cold winter is inspiring us, fancy gays, to level up the sex date.

Samuel            Can I take this mandarin?

Davide             There’s also some white wine next to you. Feel free. And a joint.

Samuel            Even better than a four-star hotel.

Davide             Four-star dating. That sounds like a new app.

Samuel            Weird enough, I feel comfortable. I’m not staring at your dick all the time.

Davide             I will take that as a compliment?

Samuel            Yeah, the bathing foam suits you, sir, with these clouds of foam strategically placed.

Davide             As I said, I’m experienced. So, what’s your name actually?

Samuel            Samuel. And you?

Davide             Nice to soap you Samuel, I’m Davide. You’re ok?

Samuel            I’m in heaven.

Davide             Well, let’s make you more comfortable. Your knees must be cold, sticking out of the water like that. Nice and soft.

Samuel            Hmm. That’s quite sensitive actually. Didn’t know my knees would be into that kind of touching.

Davide             Yeah, let me go a bit up your leg.

Samuel            I’m a dirty boy. I need a full wash.

Davide             Like this?

Samuel            Oh.

Davide             Love to touch shaved balls. Damn you are hard.

Samuel            And it’s all your fault. Yes, just like that. Go down slowly.

Davide             I can barely get my fingers around it.

Samuel            Wow, let’s take a break. I’m too close already. You know what you’re doing.

Davide             Ok sure, relax. I’ll lean back and enjoy the view.

Samuel            Now, let’s move that foam. Hmm. Somebody is happy.

Davide             I am very much.

Samuel            You mind if I touch it?

Davide             Please do.

Samuel            Damn your hairy chest just makes me wild. And your bush. It feels so rough.

Davide             I’m glad you like it.
Oh. You naughty.

Samuel            I was right you would enjoy my finger there. Can I go deeper?

Davide             Do I look like I… Oh god!

Samuel            Sorry, not sorry.

Davide             Keep doing that. With two. Yes.

Samuel            Ok let’s get out of here, I want to touch you full skin.     


Samuel            Hey, sleepy head.

Davide            Eh?

Samuel            You fell asleep.

Davide            You exhausted me with all your licking and crazy fucking.

Samuel            Yup, guilty.

Davide            You didn’t sleep?

Samuel            Just a bit. I was looking at you.

Davide            You know what happens when you sleep with your mouth wide open at night?

Samuel            What?

Davide            Spiders crawl into your mouth and you swallow them.

Samuel            Where did you hear that?

Davide            They say you eat approximately 8 spiders every year. Some people wake up and they then spit out a leg.

Samuel            And you believe this nonsense?

Davide            It’s true, really.

Samuel            Do you actually believe any insect would dare to climb into the bed while you’re snoring like a drunk grizzly bear?

Davide            Shady, Samuel, really shady. Nobody really knows what happens at night when you’re sleeping.

Samuel            True that, but I do know that the only eight-legged spider in this bed listens to the name of Davide and likes to grab the blanket to cover himself. You are a spider-stealing-blanket-man. I honestly don’t know how you manage to do that without waking up.

Davide             I would never do that!

Samuel            You do. It’s a real struggle.

Davide             Well, okay, I sometimes do that. But only when I’m really tired. And after sex.

Samuel             Ok, so we just have to stop having sex. How do spiders have sex?

Davide             I don’t know.

Samuel            Well, I thought you were the authority on spider behaviour.

Davide            I’m not, but I am the authority on human sex behaviour.

Samuel            No, don’t touch me with your creepy legs. Stop it! Ha ha, come on! Hm. Ok. You can touch me there.

Davide             Yeah, I knew you actually liked spiders.

Samuel            What about I crawl up here?

Davide             Yes, I’m a nipple man.

Samuel            Spider likes.

Davide             Pinch it.

Samuel            Slowly! Start with the tongue.

Davide            God yes. Keep circling around it.

Samuel            Then suck. Your nipple is so hard. I can take it between my lips.

Davide            Play with my other nipple with your finger.

Samuel            Like this?

Davide             Hm.

Samuel            And then. Bite.

Davide             Shit man. Suck my dick while you pinch them.

Samuel            I love your ideas.


Samuel            Fuck! What was that?

Davide             Don’t worry, the neighbours…

Samuel            Are you sure? You’re expecting someone?

Davide             No, come, keep sucking me.



Samuel            Again! It’s coming from your front door. He’s yelling.

Davide            Oh shit. Get dressed. Don’t leave anything behind.

Samuel            Where are my socks?

Davide             I don’t know, man. Yes, I’m coming! Take your stuff and go to the balcony. Get dressed there.

Samuel            Where?

Davide             Go through the kitchen! Quickly! Fuck fuck fuck.

Samuel            Okay

Davide            Just a moment! Are you dressed yet?

Samuel            No, got no socks.

Davide            Yes I’m coming… one moment!
Take them later. Listen, you’re my mentor. We met at the university, you’re helping me with my thesis, ok?

Samuel            Fuck man, you said you were single and living alone.

Davide             I am single, now go!

Samuel            What’s it about?

Davide             What?

Samuel            Your thesis, what’s it about?

Davide            Who the fuck cares. Go to the balcony. I’ll take care of the situation. Here, take these papers, we were discussing this and you have to give your opinion.

Samuel            I can’t read Portuguese.

Davide             Just pretend, for God’s sake.
Looking for the keys!

Samuel            Ok I’ll have a smoke and ask you something about the paper and university.

Davide             Good. Stay there!

Samuel            Barefoot? I must be a special mentor. Et tu es un menteur.

Davide             Uh?

Samuel            Nothing, go save yourself.

Davide             Hey sorry, I was looking for my keys.

Oliviero            Damn Davide, what took you so long? I’m standing here for 10 minutes. What’s wrong with you?

Davide             Really working hard on some stuff for the university. Couldn’t hear you, I was in the bedroom.

Oliviero            Whose bag is that?

Davide             Oh, that’s my mentor’s who helps me with my thesis. We were working on that.

Oliviero            And you guys couldn’t hear me banging on the door?

Davide             We were really concentrated, I thought the neighbours were going crazy again.

Samuel            Oh hi. Nice to meet you, I’m Samuel.

Davide             Ah you’re back from the balcony.

Oliviero            Hey. Oliviero.

Davide             He’s my mentor, to help me…

Oliviero            … with your thesis. Yes, you told me.

Samuel            So I think you should work that last part out. It’s good but not strong enough yet.

Davide             Yes that was my idea exactly.

Oliviero            What’s your field, Samuel?

Samuel            Euhm, entomology.

Oliviero            Insects? What does that have to do with English Literature?

Davide             Oh, we’re encouraged to take some extra courses outside of the curriculum.

Oliviero            I’m going to take a piss.

Davide             Found your sock?

Samuel            I think it’s still in the bathroom.

Davide             Fuck man, it’s my cousin, he wouldn’t be back for one week. Look under the towel. He doesn’t know I’m

Samuel            Ok found it! Let me just

Oliviero           So what are you guys doing?

Davide             We were just leaving, I’m driving him back to university because we still have some classes.

Oliviero            Ok, cool. You don’t have a car?

Samuel             No, I only use public transport.

Oliviero            I see. Quite the alternative type: public transport, walking barefoot, working at a student’s place.

Davide             I’m ready. See you later, Oliviero.

Samuel            It has been a pleasure to

Oliviero            Yeah, yeah. Just go.

                        And Davide…

Davide             What?

Oliviero            I don’t like insects.

Davide             Ok.