Love in times of quarantine erotica contest

FEver Dream


I was so excited about finally flying to see my lover. FaceTime and messages were all we had – but today? Today was the day I’d finally have you. Hot and humid. “That’s how the weather is down here in Texas!” Jo said with a cute little smile. I was sticky and suffocating, but all I could think about was her. I had just arrived in Houston but the thought of doing anything other than Jo was a distant memory tucked away in the back of my mind. We get to the car and load in my luggage, and we’re off to go to her place.

The music is off, and the car lay silent – but still it was so loud. We weren’t talking but our bodies were, and we knew what was coming. The sexual tension hanging in the air was thick, dangling over us. We tried to distract ourselves. “You hungry baby?” I asked her sweetly. I hoped her answer was no; as hungry as I know we both probably were. But it wasn’t a hunger for food and I never wished for anything as bad as I did that we were at her place soon. Forty-five minutes in the car felt like an eternity. We pulled up to her house and sat in her driveway for a short moment. Jo looked so gorgeous. Her brown skin glistening from the humidity of that hot and sticky summer day. Jo was wearing denim cut-offs, my favorite on her. They accentuate her in all the right ways. She turns and looks at me. “Baby –” she muttered, and before I could even let her finish, I answered. “yes, right now.”

I turned my body to face her in the car. I slowly reach for her chin and pull her in. She reaches for my face as our lips meet and we begin to kiss passionately. The sexual tension is only beginning to unfold. Our hands are everywhere. Exploring each other’s bodies, but we’re so familiar. My hand on her waist, her hand on my neck – we’re home. I get ready to undress her body, but she grabs my hand and says “Wait babe. Let’s go inside.” I didn’t know if I could wait any longer to continue exploring this person inside and out. We get out of the car and unload everything quickly. It’s like we’re racing, who’s going to cum first? Her or me? She unlocks the door and we get inside. We practically throw our stuff to the side and like magnet, our bodies are connected. We’re kissing each other’s lips and necks, rubbing each other’s nipples ever so slightly and caressing each other’s thighs. An erotic dance in her living room.

We finally land on the couch, a pile of limbs. The race is on and our clothes begin to fly. Layer by layer. Finally, we’re both naked and laying on each other. I’m on top and kiss her from her neck down to her breasts. Stopping to give each nipple care and attention. I lick and suck them hard and then bite them gently. She lets out a soft moan. I reach down to feel her, she’s so wet. I put my fingers in my mouth to taste her. She tastes so sweet. She flips me over and kisses me hard. She goes down and spreads my legs, kissing each thigh hard and sucking on them so sweet and soft. She traces my thighs up until she meets my lips and spreads them. I’m just as wet as she is. She begins to lick me, and I start to move my hips in ecstasy. This feeling is so familiar, I’m addicted. I need more. She continues to lick and suck me with such passion. I’m about to explode.

*Soft alarm going off*

*Wakes up*

*Turns on TV*

*News Reporter*