erotica contest winners

We are publishing Erotica Contest regulary. See the winning stories here. 

Erotica contest winners

Naughty Cupid erotica contest

For this Valentine’s Day, Berlinable has put together a collection of stories that celebrate the boundless nature of love. In these captivating tales, love takes many different shapes and forms, highlighting the uniqueness of human connection.

We believe there is no need for a special occasion to express intimate human cravings and desires, yet we bring these stories on Valentine’s Day to inspire you to take the ultimate step toward freedom. Read them to enjoy the diversity of modern love, which transpires all limits and societal norms.

These are love letters from our authors to their SOs – which are also love letters from BERLINABLE to our readers.

by Hansa Bosbach

#bondage #bdsm #sumbissive #passion

A sweet beautiful girl surrenders to the power of a man, whose intricately planned
torture schemes bring both to the heights of pleasure.

by Rebecca Ridge

#doublepenetration #bdsm #fantasy #wifesex

What a mother of two always dreamt about comes true in the dark-lit dungeon where the two men take the reins over all her body parts.

by Nathaniel Feldmann

#gay #submissive #fantasy #exotic

In the Pilgrimage of Desire, a young handsome man is chasing the God of Love in the woods, his desire palpable and body signaling the need for release.

by Daniel Sikora

#gay #romance #collegesex #comingout

This story is a glimpse into the everyday existence of people you can meet on the street – loving, light-hearted, and vying for sexual connection.

by Karlotta Lovis

#threesome #couplesex #bisexual #bondage #deutscheerotika

In a Berlin home of an ordinary hetero couple, one finds the world of kinky pleasures, group sexual fantasies, and inclinations for sex in public.

by Jake Indiana

#gay #whip #dom #publicsex

The hopes are high, and
the obsession is overwhelming in this story of delightful conquest where a dom and a sub thoroughly enjoy their newly discovered roles.

Erotica contest winners

how to Makes condoms sexy

1st of December is World AIDS Day, and we want to create a special erotica contest that is in line with our values of making a positive impact in people’s sex lives. In a world with increasing sexual freedom and mating possibilities, we are still seeing a surge in cases of STI contamination all over the world.

by Pimenta Cítrica

#straight #cunnilingus #dirtytalk

Girl meets boy, girl brings boy home, girl gives boy a lesson on the proper use of female condoms. An amazing one-night-stand for a pair with enough sex drive for a marathon.

by Saxon Boulevard

#gay #anal #rimming #romantic

Andre makes it his mission to pick up used condoms from a river bank. But this adventure brings him a gorgeous stranger, and a torrid and sensual afternoon by the water.

by Kat Abad

#lesbian #D/s #cunnilingus #anal

The Shield is the product of a delightfully dirty mind – the ultimate condom, created by a sexy lesbian dom with a knack for science – who tests it with all of her girlfriends.

by Ida J

#straight #bisexual #publicsex #threesome

A straight couple is on a mission to have another man join them in bed. After weeks of tireless sexting, a naughty threesome ensues – making condom usage is key part of partnered adventures.

Erotica contest winners

Pornceptual Short stories winners

Flesh Fiction

#gay #bisexual #adultery #poetry

A delightful compilation by writers Brad Beau Cohen and Rito Osam – 
two flash stories and one poem about fantasies, sex, and freedom.
All set at Pornceptual. A special gift from BERLINABLE to you.

by Pimeta Cítrica

#publicsex  #cunnilingus #straight

A Pornceptual regular is surprised
by the presence of her crush, and
the tension between them explodes
into a night of delicious sex which
can not be confined to the party.

by Joe von Hutch

#watersports #adultery #oral #gay

After a crisis, a gay couple tries to
unwind at Pornceptual. But things
take an unexpected turn when the
man who triggered it all appears –
and a pill opens new possibilities.

by Sue Gives A Fuck

#bdsm  #genderplay #romance #gay

A curious straight man is subdued by a fierce Drag Queen for a night of kinky abandon, and amidst all the explosive sexual energy, a deeper bond is formed between the two.

by Anthony George

#rimming #masc #daddy #gay

An experienced Englishman comes
to Berlin looking to get lost inside
the city’s sex dungeons, and ends
up having a wild encounter with
a sexy and mysterious boy toy.

by Nel Winter

#vouyerism #threesome #straight #bi

Neo is a young rock star who is
new in Berlin. His first Pornceptual
is a revelation – he discovers
his voyeuristic side by witnessing
an awesome threesome.

by Karl Schlonger

#genderplay #masturbation #gay

Gonnorhianna is the self-proclaimed trashiest Drag Queen of Berlin. But
after so much gratuitous sex, it’s the
man behind her who has the time
of his life with a beautiful stranger.