Encounter at Devil’s Lake

by Dave Invain

I got sick just at the beginning of the quarantine time and when I eventually managed to get a test I knew I had Coronavirus. It took me just a few days to recover but I isolated myself at home for three weeks more, in order to be entirely sure that I couldn’t infect anybody. But it wasn’t only a matter of civil responsibility: somehow having the virus made me feel extremely unsexy and almost disgusting to somebody else. That was stupid and unjustified, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Even though my reason knew I would have been immune and safe for me and for others in a few days, that unconscious and persistent feeling was a real turn off for all my fantasies. When I wanted to touch myself, I couldn’t focus on any kinky thought, all the sensations were pale, and mostly I got bored soon. That was very weird for me, it wasn’t me at all. I needed to face all this and get back to my normality.
It was an amazing sunny day and I decided to take an afternoon off from work and go to Teufelssee, in order to stay naked in the sun and enjoy my freedom on that naturist beach, with other people doing the same around me. I’d been there already, I was sure it would have helped me. Not too many people were there and the atmosphere was incredibly peaceful. I laid on a towel on the grass and took off all my clothes: all I wore was a pair of sunglasses and my earphones. There were two guys playing cards not too far from me: at first, I thought they were a couple, but I noticed soon that one of them was looking in my direction sometimes. His handsome shaved face made him look younger than what he probably was, and his gentle eyes made me feel comfortable and not scared at all by his glances. His body was perfectly cured and tan, with lots of very toned muscles: extremely sexy. He was fully naked as well as me: his skinny legs were perfectly shaped and I couldn’t help but fantasize about what I couldn’t see.
It was such a pleasure to think that such an attractive guy might have liked me: I had forgotten that sensation for weeks. Suddenly I found again some self-confidence and I started to play with him: I tried to meet his eyes every time I expected him to look in my direction. But my eyes were covered by my sunglasses, and he couldn’t see my expression: so at a point, he stopped to look at me. I believe he probably misunderstood the game and thought he was annoying me. I appreciated his way of being respectful, but that made me feel actually pretty unhappy.
When at a point, his friend left, I felt like that was the moment to try to catch his attention again. So I stared at him and soon his eyes turned toward mine; at that point I just smiled. I couldn’t say if he was smiling as well but there was definitely a lot of sexual energy in that match. Then he looked away and I felt extremely worried. Lots of questions floated to the surface of my mind: “What may I do to go ahead now, what might he do?” Giving this confidence to a stranger was also very weird for me, especially after so many days of reclusion with that weird contempt of myself. I pulled off my earphones and looked at the lake for a while: its stillness was now so far away from my restlessness. But aside from all the preoccupations, I could feel clearly that I wanted him. It seemed like the devil of this lake had got hold of my soul and my only desire at that moment was that beautiful man’s body wound around mine. And when I eventually turned again to him, he was walking towards me. My surprise was enormous, I didn’t expect it. He didn’t cover himself with clothes, he just had a towel in his hand which partially hid his pelvis. In a few steps, he was in front of me and smiled gently at me.
“Hi!”, he said.
“Hi”. I could barely pronounce that because of my excitement.
“I’d love to chat a bit with you. But if you just want to stay alone, I go back to my place.”
“No please, stay. I’ve been alone for a while now. Was that your boyfriend?”
“No, he was just a dear friend”. He laid down his towel on the grass at a safety distance from me and sat on top of it.
His name’s Daniel, he’s an Architect. We talked for minutes, but I couldn’t focus so much on words, I was completely absorbed by his charm and his beautiful presence. He was so calm and confident while staying naked in front of me that made me feel perfectly comfortable as well. He was looking deep into my eyes, but sometimes also glancing at the rest of my body: my tits, my belly, my legs. That turned me on as much as looking at his perfect body. His cock was just there under my eyes and it seemed to be ready to become fully big and hard from one moment to the next. But there was that physical distance between us, he didn’t know I was now immune to the virus. I needed to tell him, but I needed also more privacy to do it.
“Would you mind if we walk a bit?” I asked.
We needed to dress up since we were leaving the nudist area. This was so unpleasant since I was horny as hell, so I wore only my bikini and my pants, not the t-shirt: he didn’t wear it as well, which was such a relief for my uncontrollable desire. We took the street which leads into the Grünewald forest, then I chose a narrow path going deep among the trees. Suddenly we were so far from the rest of the world: there was only silence and plants around us. I stopped and looked into his eyes, and before I could talk he said:
“If I only had already had Corona, I would have kissed you right now”.
“I’ve already had it”, I said.
“I took a long period of isolation after the recovery, I am now completely clean”.
We didn’t need any other word, my extremely horny face said everything because one second later I had his hands around my body, he had mine around his neck and our lips met in an intense kiss. Our tongues chased each other in a whirl of pleasure in which my whole body seemed to be involved: so wet was our kiss, so wet became my pussy soon. He squeezed my body tight and I felt how hard was his cock. I needed to feel better that hardness so I released his fly and finally I had it in my hand. I knelt down and took his big dick deep into my mouth, which gave me a huge pleasure spreading from my throat and my lips all over my body. But soon he said:
«Sweetie, I need to make this pleasure complete, fill my mouth with your pussy now».
He pulled me up and undressed, then he pulled me down and I crushed on him on the grass: his dick was there in front of my eyes and I started to suck it while I felt his tongue sliding on my clit. It was like an explosion all around my body, and as an instinct, I started to drive very fast my lips up and down his glans, and he followed my rhythm while licking me, going left and right with his tongue precisely as a very experienced licker. I had to stop sucking soon: the pleasure he was giving me made me moan and breathe extremely loud. I literally wasn’t able to move my mouth properly to give him pleasure, but I was also hungry for his cock, so I drove it again as deep in my throat as I could. I really would have liked to make him cum in that moment and swallow all his sperm, but it was too early for him. And at that, point he started to suck my clit hard as fuck with his lips: I had to scream, and suddenly I came.
I couldn’t help but breathe deeply while he moved me gently down from his body. I laid face down on the soft grass and he laid on my back and kissed it. His lips and his chin were completely wet with saliva and my pussy juice mixed, and that was an amazing sensation on my skin. And, more importantly, his dick was there, still hard as a stone against my ass: I could have played with it as much as I wanted. And I did want it.