Dreams and memories

by Sumo do Caju

HE. It’s been more than thirty days since the quarantine started. Living alone, I’ve been through some very difficult days, but self-isolating is the right thing to do…
Since my ex-girlfriend and I broke up two years ago, I’ve been with few people, unable to connect emotionally to anyone. I haven’t had much sex in that time, but I felt okay. Recently, though, I’ve been feeling so horny… Sometimes I’m aroused by apparently no reason. I’ve had wet dreams almost every day and all kinds of kinky fantasies.
Yesterday, I was thinking about my ex-girlfriend. We only broke up because she moved to the other side of the world. We sucked at keeping a long-distance relationship, but we were amazing together. We loved sex games and she was always excited to experiment anything new.
We hadn’t spoken since before the quarantine started. She had texted me on my birthday and we had a nice chat, but that was it. Should I text her now? No, that’d be crazy. I am just horny. Better go to sleep.
I dreamed about her. We were lying on a deserted beach, looking at the stars. I watched her eyes shine as she pointed constellations to me. I touched her hand and kissed her neck. She wouldn’t stop talking about stars and I wouldn’t stop kissing her. My hand slipped under her blouse and I caressed her waist, giving it a gentle grip. As her voice failed, I felt a shiver running up her body.
We kissed and I ran my hands across her back from the bottom up to her neck. She bit my lip gently and grabbed my butt, pulling me closer. I took off her blouse and marvelled at her breasts. She always complained about how small they were, but to me they were perfect. My tongue felt the stiffness of her nipple and I could hear her breathing get intense as she took off my shirt…
I kissed her mouth passionately as my fingers reached under her panties, her pussy already so wet… I took off her shorts and panties at once and started playing around, massaging her labia with the tips of my fingers, taking care not to touch her clitoris. Not yet. Nothing excited me more than seeing her beg for more.
“I want you inside me…” Okay, I could start on her clit now. I watched as her eyes closed and her mouth stood open, an inaudible moan as if she was unable to produce any sound.
Her nails travelled down my body, giving me a chill. She reached my cock and just went around its base. What a bitchy revenge. She was smirking. My finger slid into her pussy and that smile turned into a real moan. Her hands massaged my balls and my dick was rock hard. I felt it pulsating, eager to… “Fuck me. I want you inside me. Fuck me now”.
I had to obey. The feeling of entering her wet pussy was out of this world. I did as I knew she liked, starting slow, giving her a long kiss. Our tongues danced as she pulled me, taking me fully into her. I moaned and she smiled, opening her eyes slightly. They glimmered as she whispered in my ear “This is… beautiful…”
Suddenly, she turned my body with astonishing strength. On top of me, her two hands on my chest, she started a kind of dance, making my mind go crazy. I grabbed her butt and helped with the movement. I looked at her body, her waist, those beautiful breasts and perfect face. Above her, the sky, full of stars. I had never seen so many in my life. That was what she was talking about. It really was beautiful. But not more than she was.
I woke up. Another wet dream, but the best I had had in a long time. Shit, I really missed her. It took me a moment to recover and get back to the real world. At the bedside table, I saw my phone.

SHE. One month of quarantine. I didn’t think it’d be so long and it seems we still have a lot of time to go. Living abroad for almost three years, I got used to being far from my best friends and family. Not that I haven’t related to anyone here. I have friends and even dated a guy for some time last year. I‘ve got no problem living on my own. The routine I developed keeps me sane, but in the last week, something unexpected has been happening.
I’m feeling lustful, as I’d never felt before.
It started with wet dreams I couldn’t remember. I just woke up with my sheets wet and absolutely no memory of what happened. Some old crushes texted me once in a while and tried to get sex over the phone, but honestly I didn’t feel like it. It was better to fantasize on my own.
Yesterday, I found some letters and gifts my ex-boyfriend gave me long ago. We broke up after I moved. We loved each other, but we couldn’t work out our relationship, being so far away. Still, I missed him.
I found a picture from one of our anniversaries. At first glance, just a picture of us in a fancy restaurant, holding hands and smiling. But the thing about the best pictures is what they don’t tell.
That day, we sat by the table and he asked “Wanna play a game?” I always liked his games and thought I knew what to expect. He wanted me to describe the best sexual memory I had with him. I spoke while his hand touched mine, running his fingers a little bit around my wrist. He knew that excited me. The waitress brought us wine and we ordered some salad. Then I asked him about his best sexual memory.
His detailed description turned me on. Why was he doing it before dinner, at the restaurant? Son of a bitch. I knew where he was going. He loved to get me excited just to make me want more. But I’d take his game to another level. He was usually shy in public places, so I decided to see how far he’d go. “Have you noticed that the table sheets fully cover their feet?” He frowned: “yes…”
I moved to the edge of my seat and discreetly took off my panties under my dress, passing them to his hand. “Go down on me. Now”. He was shocked. I thought he would just stare at me like that, but he glanced around to see if anyone was looking and disappeared under the table.
I felt his hand on my thigh, his thumb playing a little with my pussy. I couldn’t believe he was actually doing that. Warmth came up through my body as his tongue touched me. I closed my eyes for a moment and suddenly remembered we were in a restaurant. I was almost lying down on the chair, my legs spread under the table, invisible to the waitress coming towards us with the salad. I straightened up and tapped his head, so he would stop. After she left, he tried to open my legs again, but I tapped his head and he got back to his seat, smiling.
I got under the table before he could protest. I knew how nervous he would get. “We could have trouble”, he whispered. I was already opening his jeans’ button and pulling out his cock. I started with a little handjob and licked the length of his penis, giving it a soft kiss on the head. He shivered.
After a few seconds, he tapped my head and I knew the waitress was coming back. As I heard her asking if we’d decided on the main dish, I did what any crazy person would do. I put his whole cock on my mouth and sucked it. It was hard to suppress a laugh as he nervously told the waitress he was waiting for me to get back from the toilet. After a few moments, I stopped sucking, gave him another kiss and put the cock back inside his pants.
He was red when I came up to my seat. Soon we were laughing together. We ate our salad and ordered the mains. That was when we asked the waitress to take the picture. How I miss little adventures like that.
Today, I woke up later than usual. Wet sheets again, no memory of the dream. I took my phone and sorted through my texts until I found my last conversation with him. I was just thinking if I should send him a message when the app showed me he was typing.
“Hey… I’ve just had a dream about you”
My heart missed a beat. What should I answer? Well, fuck everything, it’s quarantine.
“I hope it was a wet dream”
“You bet it was”
“Tell me everything about it”