Do it with a Toothbrush

Love in times of quarantine erotica contest



Have more fun with sex than ever – even in the days of Corona isolation!

Let‘s assume you are single or at least living in your apartment by yourself – and you are bored because of the corona virus isolation.
Here is what I suggest:

Use your electric toothbrush differently than for cleaning your teeth and enjoy masturbating (with it) more than ever – from now on not only in the times of the virus! Yets, these days you have to stay at home and have all the time inof the world to enjoy and treat yourself nicely! The toothbrush as the most stimulating sex toy!

I would like to introduce to you the best love toy ever!

The discovery:

Years ago I had to go on a business trip to Turkey. At that time I had a “little” red vibrator that I enjoyed and had fun with, which I mostly took with me when I was traveling. But to Turkey? Even then it was too dangerous. I had previously experienced that travellers’ suitcases were searched by customs for no reason after arriving at Istanbul Airport.
So no! No vibrator on this trip!

One night I was lying on my bed in my hotel room, alone, hot and horny. Using my hands was nice but not enough. No vibrator at hand.
Hm. Then I had an idea (that kind of changed my life): I went to the bathroom and took my electronic ultrasound toothbrush with me to my bed.

What happened then?

It was absolutely amazing! Oh my God! I think I came within three minutes the most, with extreme pleasure and joy and fun and unexpected excitement!
Using a simple electric toothbrush is fine. Yet an ultrasonic toothbrush is even better: it generates different, very special vibrations. Your clitoris and thus your whole body will enjoy it as if you are very close to heaven or wherever in the land of your dreams.

I promise: YOU WILL LOVE WHAT HAPPENS! Try it, experiment with it, use it on other parts of your wonderful body apart from your clitoris. It is absolutely enjoyable. Best ever!


By the way: if you are with a man he might like it too on some parts of his body and you can „help“ him a bit (you know what I mean) – or he just enjoys watchingto watch you doing it.