Dirty Weekend

erotica ebooks by Rebecca Ridge

Dirty Weekend

erotica ebooks by Rebecca Ridge
erotica ebooks by Rebecca Ridge

Dirty Weekend

All Beth can think about is her next encounter with Liam – and he takes her on a delightful BDSM field trip for a weekend.

It was the crack of dawn when I opened my eyes on Saturday morning. I could tell because the room was dark enough to know the sun wasn’t up, but light enough to know that it wasn’t far away. Shutting my eyes, still foggy from sleep, I had tried to force my self to fall back into the blissful slumber that had been mine five minutes previous, but my mind had other ideas.

Liam’s stupidly handsome face appeared behind my eyes; quickly followed by an action replay of him tongue fucking my ass. My body reacted the same way it had every other time I had thought about him. Spasms of pleasure shot through my pussy, pooling in my stomach. I pressed my thighs together, pulling my knees up to quell the throbbing sensations between my legs; it didn’t do much good. Giving in to the inevitable, I had let my mind replay the whole night in graphic detail. My nipples strained against the thin material of my pyjama vest. My fingers absentmindedly began circling them while I got lost in my fantasy. The feeling seemed to be connected directly to my clit, because before I knew what was happening my hand had found its way to the soggy mess between my legs. My fingers pushed into my sopping hole, my palm rubbed my aching clit.

That wasn’t the first time I had masturbated over Liam. Since last Saturday, all I’d seemed to do when I was alone was rub one out, while replaying the delights of that wonderful night. The feel of his hands against my skin. His talented fingers playing me like a sweet song; and not to mention the taste of his mouth-wateringly tasty cock. I lost control, desperately pumping my fingers in and out noisily. The fire in my clit grew with each stroke of my palm. I moaned softly while imaging that it was Liam. His authoritative voice had rung out loud and clear in my mind. Come for me, my dirty girl. My body erupted, exploding into oblivion. The quiet room had been filled with nothing but the wet sounds of my fingers and my garbled moans. My body convulsed, my orgasm destroyed all coherent thought. I kept my palm pushed against the sensitive nub, soaking up the last few ripples of pleasure, while my body floated back down. Sighing, I closed my eyes.

It had been a week since the night that had changed everything. A long, torturous week. I’d spoken to Liam twice on the phone and we’d texted every day. We hadn’t discussed the little “I want to be your sub,” bombshell; and to be honest I was glad. I’d had time to reflect on the rashness of my decision; and although I still wanted him badly, I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted that. I’d done my homework. In fact, I had done nothing but read up on dominance and submission. The thought of it was hot as hell and it turned me on in more ways than I would dare to admit, but being a full time submissive isn’t something to enter lightly. I wasn’t saying I didn’t want to. I just didn’t know.

My stomach filled with hyper excited butterflies at my thoughts. Today would be the first time that I’d seen him. He’d returned from his business trip the day before and we had arranged to meet for lunch. To say that I was nervous would have been the understatement of the century.

The rest of the morning passed in a blur. I’d thought about Liam non-stop, but that was nothing new. My nerves grew wilder with each passing minute. I’d preened myself. Plucking and scrubbing to perfection. If there was any chance I was getting my hands on him, I wanted to be ready. The thought of his hands on me sent me into another range of dizzy fantasies. Jeez, I needed to get a grip. I knew I would be a gibbering mess when we met if I couldn’t get a hold of myself. Who was I trying to fool? It was unavoidable.

Two thirty, I was sitting in the cab, an absolute nervous wreck. I had tried to concentrate on the streets that were going past the window in a blur; that and trying not to hyperventilate. We hadn’t arranged to meet until three, but I had figured if I was early, then I could sit down and compose myself before he arrived; maybe knock back a couple of vodkas for Dutch courage. I didn’t know why I was so nervous! It’s not like this was a first date. We had technically known each other for years; but since the conversation on the phone last Sunday night, everything felt different. The thought of him made me nervous. Not just in a, he’s sexy way. A deep down in my soul nervous, like in a, this guy could change everything way. He called to a darker side of me that I didn’t even know existed. I was excited at the weekend but now, I wasn’t just excited, I was terrified.

When the cab had pulled up at the bistro I was sure that my heart stopped and then restarted. To my absolute horror, Liam was already standing outside. With a shaky hand, I paid the driver and got out, nervously tugging at the hem of my denim mini skirt, feverishly wishing I had worn the maxi dress instead. He still hadn’t seen me. He was looking down at his phone. I’d used the moment to study his side profile closely, while composing myself. His blonde hair was styled into a trendy side sweep. He had a light covering of stubble that must have been deliberate. Nobody could look that pristine by accident. The ribbed material of his long-sleeved tee was pulled tight across his biceps. Fuck! He was standing casually, leaning back against the wall, his handsome face relaxed. My insides began to dissolve just looking at him. He looked good enough to eat. I bet women ovulated just breathing the same air has him.

He turned. An intense thrill ran through my body the second our eyes met. I wobbled on my wedges under the weight of it. I took a deep breath and smiled, willing my feet to move forward. A smile that could rival that of an angel spread across his devastatingly gorgeous face. It took my breath and any chance of coherent thought.

“Hello, Beth.” His calm tone wrapped smoothly around my name, making my heart flip.

“Hi,” I squeaked back, clearing my throat. I stopped directly in front of him. He bent forward, brushing his lips against my cheek in a soft kiss. I thought my heart was going to accelerate out of my chest. I wobbled again. He reached out steadying me with his hand. A sexy smirk tugging at his lips. He motioned to the door way.

“Shall we?”

I knew better than to attempt speech, so I just took the hand he was offering and followed …

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