Dirty Girl

ebooks erotica by Rebecca Ridge

Dirty Girl

ebooks erotica by Rebecca Ridge
ebooks erotica by Rebecca Ridge

Dirty Girl

A trip for a boring hen party; except Beth is in for the most exhilarating night, as an old flame introduces her to BDSM.

I trudged across the open space to the hotel bar. Honestly, I was just waiting for a suitable amount of time to pass before I could retire to my room without looking unsociable. I’d been dragged along on this hen party by my best friend Kay.

The bride, her cousin Margo, is a stuck-up bitch. Apparently, she doesn’t have many friends, judging by the hen party being made up of mainly her family… and, the ones she does have, are all bitches too.

I ordered a large vodka and coke, knowing I was going to need it if I was going to get through the evening with my sanity intact. I inwardly sighed, I still had a full weekend of this to look forward to, it was only Friday fucking night. The only saving grace about this whole mess is that the hotel was lovely. A real classy affair. A lot more upmarket than anything I would have booked. Whenever Kay and I went away we usually stayed at a travel lodge.

I walked slowly back to the table, knowing only too well how easy it was to slip on a marble floor. I wished feverishly that I had worn my flats. I knew that was a decision I’d live to regret. Story of my life.

When I got back to the table and taken my seat, Kay nudged me. She lent in close to my ear.

“Don’t look now, but a really hot guy is checking you out.” I gave it a minute so it didn’t look obvious, then casually looked behind. My mouth dropped open. My stomach dropped with it.

A blast from my past was sat three tables over. He flashed me a perfect white toothed grin, making my heart stutter. I could feel my cheeks heating, and I knew I was turning a nice dark shade of pink.

“Do you know him?” Kay whispered, surprise colouring her tone. I nodded, managing a shaky smile. She raised her eyebrows, impressed.

He hooked his finger in a come here gesture. My heart beat a hundred miles per hour. My throat went dry. Picking up my vodka and coke, I began chugging it to replenish the moisture plus some Dutch courage wouldn’t go a miss.

Liam, was a guy who I used to hook up with. If we were out on the town, or at a party, we would always end up having sex. At the back of the nightclub, down an ally, or in his one room flat. It was always hot and dirty. My pussy throbbed at the memory.

I got up on shaky legs, making my way over to his table. His green eyes scanned over my body, slowing down on my bare legs. I resisted the urge to pull down my denim mini skirt. My cheeks burned brighter. He looked gorgeous, sitting there in a white shirt and black suit trousers. His blonde hair swept to the side, styled perfectly. A deep tan covered his handsome face. My stomach did little flips just looking at him. His familiar voice spoke straight to my pussy.

“Beth Ramsey,” he arched an eyebrow, his eyes resting briefly on my left hand. “You’re still Ramsey then?” I laughed lightly.

“Of course.”

He gestured to the seat next to him. “Sit down, have a drink with me?” I jerked my head in an awkward nod. My stomach far too full of butterflies to speak.

The atmosphere between us was thick with sexual tension. My eyes scanned his broad chest, noticing how his shirt pulled tight over his biceps. I licked my lips. His shirt was rolled up to his elbows revealing thick tanned forearms. He’d defiantly bulked out since we last hooked up. Lust burned in my blood. His sexy tone snapped me back into the room.

“So how longs it been? Ten, eleven years?” His eyes roaming to the low-cut neck line of my top.

I swallowed nervously, trying to get a grip of myself so I could at least try not to sound like an idiot when I spoke. My voice still squeaked.

“Yeah, about that I think.”

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