love in time of quarantine erotica contest


by michael requis

It had been a little while. Lockdown meant I hadn’t had sex in months, but I’d come out the other end of the tunnel and was ready to get back on the scene. This was a weird one, though. So much time had passed that I’d forgotten her name. I knew it began with an S, though.
Her perfume was keeping me on edge. The small talk had ended; it should have been awkward. It wasn’t. I breathed heavier as my heart started to thump a little louder for no obvious reason. She wasn’t doing anything sexy, just sitting on a park bench. She wasn’t wearing anything racy either; the cold, winter’s day made it so the two of us were more covered up than a nun with acne.
But I couldn’t help staring at her, remembering. When I noticed her jogging, she was wearing something far more erotic. Shadows of the sun accentuated the smooth curve behind her leggings, and sweat trickled down her chest, gathering at the small but noticeable cleavage her tank top offered. Talking to her, I didn’t hesitate to look her over, enjoy the way her breasts shaped as she crossed her arms. But just looking at her exposed neck, her goosebumps and the sandy hair under her hat… I felt dirty.
“Oh look, it’s started to snow again.” She pouted her lips and leaned in. Too far away to kiss. Too close to ignore. My blazing hatred for mixed signals was reignited.
Whatever, I’d had my share of experience and knew better than to get dragged into mind games. I went in for the kiss.
She stopped me, placing her hand on my chest as I closed the distance. I almost called it quits. If she didn’t want to move things along that was fine, but I had a speed-dial full of more eager girls.
“I heard rumors about you from my friends,” That was my cue to leave. But the way she said it. It wasn’t teasing, it wasn’t angry, it was a challenge. One that I wasn’t about to back down from. I psyched myself up for a yelling match. “You’d never do anything like that to me, right? Fuck me and then leave without a trace?”

My underwear became a cage. I wasn’t ready for that, and it hit like a sucker punch. The mental image she thrust into my mind of me thrusting into her made blood rush down to my cock faster than I could notice. It was swollen now, painfully so as it poked into the keys in my right pocket. I shifted slightly to adjust, losing a game I didn’t know I was playing. I looked up to see her staring at the mound in my trousers, and I winced out of… out of embarrassment.
“Sorry, did I do something?” Her tone perverted the idea of innocence, overblown but completely serious.
“No, I-”
Her petit hands, gloved but untamed, had distracted me. First, the one that tucked back her hair, exposing her neck and more of that dangerous face. Then, the one she placed on my inner thigh. She did it without a hint of sexuality, like her thumb just happened to rest against my glans.
I made up my mind, I’d have to kiss her right here and now. A power move was what was needed to swing things back my way. And a power-move-kiss is what was made. By her. She must have climbed on top of me at the speed of a bullet because her tongue breached my mouth before I could even pucker my lips. My cock was still excruciatingly hard, but I didn’t feel the pressure. I only felt her lips around mine, bringing heat and weight. That scent that I whiffed before now overwhelmed my senses along with the taste of her. Breathing didn’t matter anymore.
Before I could enjoy it too much she pulled away and I blushed, realizing what had happened. I hadn’t felt her ass on my cock because she’d never gotten on top of me. She’d pulled me into her.
I stared her down, but she just giggled. Before I could draw closer, she put her index in the middle of my chest.
I’d fucked dozens of girls.
Her touch gave me a shiver like electricity.
She was no different from the rest.
I gulped air as she lightly pushed.
Just another conquest.
I obeyed, leaning back.
“Good boy.”
I barely reacted as she unzipped my fly.
“What if someone sees?”
Just as smoothly as she crushed me with one finger, she annihilated my last stand with two words.
“Even better.”
A smug leer replaced her cute smile. She patted me on the shoulder, and I sank down onto the bench as she moved back. With a dainty throw, her right glove landed on my mouth. She parted her lips and bit down so gently, and I copied.
I could feel my glans scraping against the fabric on its way out of my boxers. I reached down to stop myself from being exposed but she grabbed my wrist and tossed it aside. She pinched my glans between two, gloved fingers as I felt the leather that sealed my mouth squeeze my most delicate area. She opened the palm of that hand and rubbed it around the top. The pain was unbearable. I didn’t want it to stop.
But it did.
She moved her hand down and tugged my whole manhood out. Bowing her head, her lips came inches away from my ecstasy. For a second I thought I’d be getting a blowjob. Old habits. Instead, she looked up at me with the most pitying look, like she truly felt sorry for me.
Keeping eye contact the whole time, she cupped her gloved hand around my balls and squeezed gently, less gently, then harder. Her eyes spoke of her own euphoria.
The moan was mine. More followed.
Then ice. Cold, burning, silk-soft ice. She squeezed her exposed hand into a claw around my glans. I thought her hand might have been warmer with the glove on, but clearly she’d been enduring this whole time. I wondered if this was her plan from the sta-
She’d started. Hard on the shaft, like a machine. But so soft on the head. Slowly. I wished she’d go faster. But if she wanted me to beg, I wouldn’t do it. I couldn’t. Even now, I wasn’t a slave.
“Look down.” She said with a jovial force.
I watched her hand wrap around my head at the end of every stroke, barely touching it. She was still so slow, yet I felt something building. Like her strokes, it was excruciating in its pace. If she wanted me to…
“Faster…” My tone betrayed me as a wounded animal showing his belly. She went faster, slightly. I saw her head come down and I swear my eyes glowed when I saw her mouth come down on me. My joy soon crashed down into despair. Her mouth went around my glans, but the two fleshes didn’t touch. Instead, she breathed heavy. As mercy she moved her tongue across the top of my head and back, momentarily giving me the ecstasy I craved.
She drew her tongue back. Still constricting my balls, she went faster and faster still. She jerked me violently with abandon, letting my glans ever so occasionally crash into the wall of her warm mouth or touch against her teeth. Strands of her hair fell from her hat, but she just added them into the mess. The snowfall had turned into a snowstorm, but I could stand arctic cold as long as she was there to take me to cloud nine with her hands.
I felt a familiar feeling, and a new low in my stomach. I couldn’t cum. I didn’t care about people walking by anymore, I just needed it to last longer. I tried to tense, to think of disgusting things, but nothing worked. I tried to speak, to plead with her to slow down, but between my moans I found myself gasping for breath. I was as loud as any girl I’d ever fucked or seen fucked. I felt my cock seize up and knew I only had one shot.
I let the words hang in the air, blind to whether they’d been delivered. Slowly, cautiously, she climbed on top of me. Her firm ass finally grinded against my frozen shaft. It was a whole new kind of sensory overload, and even though her thermal leggings, I fought to not cum on myself. This time she did whisper, looking down on me; a cruel succubus.
“As if you’d be so lucky.”
She swung her legs around, and got off the bench, snatching her glove out of my mouth in a single motion.
I lied there, cock out, precum drooling, seconds yet eternities away from orgasm.
The snow beat down hard. She took one step. Three. And on the fifth, Sofie was gone.