Conference Call

by Pimenta Cítrica

There was a lazy beam of sun creeping through the blinds. It was that time of year when it always got deliciously warm in the beginning of the afternoon. The air was thick with loom, and he was unashamedly checking his phone, whole face puffy with sleep.

“It’s two in the afternoon. Are you ever getting out of this cave?” I couldn’t help the slight spite in my voice. I mean, I would probably be going crazy not having anything at all to do all day during quarantine, but the night owl in me really did envy him rolling out of bed mid-afternoon every day. He nodded, covering a yawn. The motherfucker.

I went to the blinds and pried everything open. “It’s a beautiful day outside! Why don’t you go for a walk or something?”

“Whatever, mom. How’s work?” I shrugged.

“Alright. I needed a break. Editing is turning my brain into hot fudge. You want some coffee?”

His eyes lit up, he nodded fervently. God, what a dork. He was so adorable, it was impossible to play bad cop for too long. My break was not going to last long, but I did need a distraction. The home-office pace had been ruthless, and I can go on for hours in front of the computer without a break if there are no distractions. I guess it’s how it is with all writers.

I went back into the kitchen, peeking at the laptop while I poured a cup of coffee; no sugar, a little bit of oat milk. The smell filled the kitchen. It made me feel like it was early morning even though it was already mid-afternoon. Maybe I could go for a walk around the block before my Zoom call?

Quarantine was imposing a relentless rhythm on both of us, especially because I was filled to the brim with work – somebody actually makes entertainment for the bored isolating people, who would have thought – and he was laid off from all his obligations. So the balance was hard to find at the beginning. But then, we actually found comfort in each other’s presence. And he would actually flip my laptop down at the end of the day, demand we would go for a walk, tell me work day was over. And I appreciated that.

So I wouldn’t mind bringing him some coffee in bed.

He made grabby hands at me as soon as I walked into the room, getting out from under the sheets. What is it with men and gray sweatpants? I am not the straightest of girls, but seeing him in those makes me slide down the Kinsey scale a few meters. I gave him the mug, he took a sip, clicked his lips, put it on the nightstand.

“Ah, thank you.”

“No worries,” which is something funny I like to say a lot – considering I am a very worried person most of the time. He then made the same silly grabby hands at me. “Dude, it’s time you start rolling out of bed, no?”

“C’monnnn, just a little. The bed is warm…” He batted his eyelashes. The ruffled duvet seemed indeed super inviting. What’s the point of doing home office if you won’t indulge in an afternoon cuddle, right?

I smiled sheepishly, climbing on the bed. The sheets were warm, his skin was scalding hot. That mixed with the thick air inside the room made everything so lazy. He wrapped his arms around me; body pliant from relaxation. I always loved him first thing in the morning, and it felt so nice, having time to just lay down together with neither of us rushing out because we were late to work.

I kissed his supple lips. They tasted like coffee, and warmth on my body just made me very serene. At the same time, I felt a telling pull in my lower groin. With not a lot of social activities, we were spending a shameful amount of time fucking, and the desire never seemed to let out.

Plus, he had gray sweatpants on. Girl can only resist so much.

Our harmless kiss turned into heavy making out, his scalding hot palms sliding down my back and bringing me closer to him. I felt his “morning” wood pressing against his pants, I loved his dick hard first thing when he woke up.

“Mmm,” he moaned into the kiss, grinding against the curve of my hip a little. He pried at the hem of my t-shirt, pulling it over my head. The sunlight was growing more persistent, burning lightly on my freshly bare side. He was particularly attentive and sweet today; I guess being able to sleep in could do wonders for one’s mood. He would usually be so grumpy in the morning.

His heart-shaped lips made their way down my neck, nibbling softly.

“Gatinho, I have to go back to work soon…” I said, just to tease because I had no intention of leaving the bed any time soon.

“Hmmm, I know,” he mumbled, sucking on the sensitive skin. My pussy was pulsing with tiny little electric shocks. His tongue teased at the hollow of my throat, and I pulled on his curls as he sucked a nipple into his mouth. Rubbing his pelvis against mine.

Then his hands found my pajama pants and sneaked their way inside. We were spending a fair amount of time naked around the apartment during quarantine, but there was always something so dirty in the act of undressing that would always turn me on so much. Sometimes I would even pretend to be drunker than I actually was just so he would have to take my party clothes off me, while I “unintentionally” pressed my ass up to tease him.

I let out an “ah”! as his finger made first contact with my clit, pressing slowly. My hands went down to his sweatpants, I caressed him a little under the hem, got so close to his cock, but then stopped.

“Oh,” he breathed out, and his raspy voice was so, so sexy. “You little tease…”

My pussy was so sticky against his skilled fingers. Just as I wrapped my hand around his cock was preparing to dive down and taste him, my phone rang.

“Shit. It’s my boss.” I panicked, turning around to grab it from the nightstand. He firmly held me, stopping me from leaving the bed. “I’m serious, I gotta pick it up!”

“Pick it up. C’mon. Pick it up,” he whispered in my ear, his voice laced with lust. It was just the perfect mixture of commanding and desperation, and I couldn’t help but get turned on at the situation too. As I pressed the green button on my phone screen he pressed his cock against my ass, holding me in place as he undulated his hips. I greeted my boss, trying to make my voice sound as clean as possible.

“We will have to have the meeting now, is that okay? I got stuck at an appointment,” she explained.

“Yes, sure.” I cleaned my throat.

“Okay, I’ll send you the Zoom link…”

I panicked again, looking at him. I mean, this was crazy. I am still a professional. He mouthed “no video”. And as I continued to be motionless he commanded me again with a nod of his head.

“I ah… Is it okay if I don’t use video? My connection is really bad today…” Which was not far-fetched. I had been thoroughly frustrated with my Wi-Fi provider during the quarantine, so this was a passable excuse.

“Yeah, that’s fine…” She answered distractedly. “Sent you the link, okay? See you soon!”

My fingers were trembling when I opened WhatsApp and clicked on the link. My heart was racing as I made sure I had no video on. The sound of robotic voices filled the static room.

At the same time, he slid my pajama pants down and rubbed his cock right against my clit from behind. I nearly damn moaned out loud; it just felt so good. My whole body was tingling with the thrill of what we were doing, how easy it would be to just press the wrong button and all my coworkers would watch me getting fucked. The thought alone just made me wetter, my pussy clenching and unclenching wishing it was squeezing around his dick.

Someone was saying my name through the phone. Shit. “…why don’t you get us started on the plan for next week?”

“Right.” I cleaned my throat again. “Not Corona you guys!” Everybody giggled politely. Not corona you guys, just my boyfriend’s cock. “So we are still waiting on the contract for two covers of next week. Amazon decided to lift the shadowban they put in place last month, finally, so this is the good news. And if you check the schedule for next week, we are way above the target…”

I didn’t know how I managed to keep talking. He just kept teasing and teasing, and I was sweating, like my whole body had zoomed in my clitoris. His breath was so hot and relentless on my ear, he always said he thought it was very hot when I used my professional voice, maybe this is what was getting him off. Thank fucking god for his filthy mind.

His glans was penetrating me ever-so-slightly, and I just felt like I was about to pass out. My voice was creaking. Finally, I finished what I had to say and my boss was happy to take over. I wanted to mute the phone but he grabbed my hand instead, muttering a “no” inside my ear.


He put his hand over my mouth and bit my shoulder as his deliciously thick cock slid all the way inside me. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. I dropped my phone on the bed, could hear the meeting carrying on without me, as I turned my body as much as possible to face him.

The look on his eyes was nearly enough to make me scream.

He has this glint in them, so malicious, he was enjoying this so much, torturing me, being the boss when I was struggling to be bossy. It was so hot.

“So let’s circle back to the schedule… Do we have a plan B in case the contracts for covers are not here in time?”

Fuck, fuck, shit, goddamn! I needed to answer! He nodded, encouraging me. How?

“Y-yeah, we will have to wait until next week. The covers have been approved already.” There was much more to say, but thank God, they were satisfied with the answer. He angled his hips, fucking me hard as I spread my legs as far wide as the position would allow me. Fuck, yes. I just wanted to turn on the fucking video, show everybody what we were doing, give them a show, put the camera right where he was coming in and out of my cunt, moan loud like a needy pornstar.

I started to rub my clit, I was so damn close already, the situation almost too hot to handle. I panicked again as I felt my orgasm approaching, awkwardly grabbing my phone so I could mute the sound and come loud and hard around him.

When I came back to myself the meeting was still going on in the background.