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Our writers are everywhere. They come from different backgrounds, have different experiences, genders, sexual preferences, ages, races, lifestyles. One thing in common: The passion for freedom and tolerance above all.

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erotica authors

Berlin | Germany

Luca Berlin
Alexa Emilia Rawa
Fatih O.
Michalina Mayerhoff
Laura Walker
Daisy Dawn
Jake Indiana
Saskia Blake
Coward Huntington
Nicky Miller
Ena Dahl
Lucas Limerence

Accra | Ghana

Akosua Hanson

Amsterdam | Netherlands

Ida J
Nathaniel Feldmann

Aracaju | Brasil

Sumo do Caju

Austin | USA

S. Cane
RC Felle
Hansa Bosbach

Baltimore | USA

Baily Stone

Brussel | Belgium

Daniel Sikora

Canberra | Australia

Saxon Boulevard

Chicago | USA

Desmond Blume

Dallas | USA

Elle Beau

Dublin | Ireland

Sophie Iremonger

Frankfurt am Main | Germany

Nicolas Scheerbarth
Lilly M. Beck

Heidelberg | Germany

Jürgen Bruno Greulich

Jacksonville | USA

Kat Abad

Koblenz | Germany

Roger Rabiot

Lagos | Nigeria

Saro David

Lilongwe | Malawi


London | United Kingdom

Brad Beau Cohen

Los Angeles | USA


Ludwigsburg | Germany

Sanja Wintter

München | Germany

Clementine Lips

New York | USA

Daniel Castro

Ottawa | Canada

Vickie Vaughan
Sorcha Ross

Philadelphia | USA


Sacramento | USA

Jack Crutchfield

SÃO PAULO | Brasil

Pimenta Cítrica 

Scarborough | United Kingdom

Rebecca Ridge

Stuttgart | Germany

Emanuel J.

Tel Aviv | Israel


Thessaloniki | Greece

Rito Osam

Toronto | Canada

Elektra Ackerman

Turin | Italy

Dave Invain


Lou Salomé

Washington, D.C. | USA

Eva Mystique

Zurich | Switzerland

Nel Winter

About our Authors:

Human civilization grew through our skills of spreading experiences and thoughts. Culture developed due to the art of telling stories. We want to develop our culture further.

We do this with the help of story tellers: BERLINABLE authors, spreading their ideas and experiences to others.
Authors of erotica eBooks, who are willing to share.
Professional authors, amateur authors, hobby writers, ambitioned rookies and experienced veterans. If you feel inspired enough to give our world something, become join the community of BERLINABLE authors.