Alien Encounter

love in times of quarantine erotica contest



There is a knock on the door. The first sign that others have survived as well. There had been no signs of life anywhere. No radio, TV, internet, just nothing.
We were all prepared that there would be a period of total blackout. No communication, nothing. As if the entire planet was void of intelligent life. The virus was just to wipe us out, then the arrival from beyond our galaxy happened. Wearing a mask is now standard, even at home. There is no electricity, so it’s hot as temperatures are rising outside.
I throw on a bathrobe and open the door just the slightest bit. Wow! I’m just stunned. And frightened. If this was an alien, he, she, it, could certainly use me as a sample for their experiment. Desperate for any human contact, being fucked by an alien sounded awfully good.
About 6 feet tall, a female shape, breasts, an enormous dick, and well-developed pussy to go along with it. ‘Hermaphrodite’ goes through my mind. And gorgeous skin glowing skin, even in an otherwise dark hallway.
No hair on the body, a beautifully shaped head, no visible ears, but the most adorable eyes. I don’t mean to, but the door opens by itself and I can’t resist. Clearly not human. I don’t know their intentions, and frankly, I don’t fucking care.
There is a smell. A smell that is all too familiar. Something makes me come closer, the smell becomes more intense. Arms, or maybe tentacles, wrap themselves around me. They spread over my body, reaching right under my bathrobe. I get drawn closer.
A tongue reaches out toward my mouth, I open willingly, maybe even eagerly. It’s very sensual, like a silky surface, just slippery enough to glide inside me and leave me wanting more. And more is what I get.
The tongue smells like a moist pussy. I suck on it like it’s a dick. I don’t know what else to do. My tongue plays around the tip, wanting so much more. Finally, the creature pushes deeper into me.
I get lifted up, effortlessly. More like having our bodies merge. I’m floating just above where I stood only moments ago. The huge cock is like a shelf that supports me, hard as a rock, and agile to find my openings.
Just thinking about a cock is heavenly after all these weeks. As if my mind is an open book, the hard cock is turning upward and sliding into my rear. Then it turns hard again. There is no pain, despite the enormous size. Or maybe I just want to be fucked so badly that I don’t even notice.
More, more, please. It feels so good to be embraced, penetrated, ready to submit. I try to move my arms, not realizing that I have in fact become one with the alien. There is no me. At least not my own body. And yet, I can feel everything that is done to me.
Pulling the tongue deeper and deeper into my mouth, there seems to be no end to it. No gag reflex as it enters me well down my throat. I now just want the creature to fuck me, more than just embracing, absorbing, exploring. Nothing else is on my mind. It’s blank, except for the desire to have my dripping pussy penetrated.
Suspended like a feather in mid-air, just riding the cock and having a tongue penetrate me deeply is enough to support me; to keep me inside the alien’s embrace. The firm embrace turns to a slow and rhythmic up and down motion. It feels great to be fucked in my throat and ass at the same time. It’s been a long dry-spell.
Do aliens come the way we do? I can move my arms without losing the embrace now. I find the cock entering me. Never would I have thought something this enormous could slide so easily into me. I stroke the alien’s cock. It’s hard, with an oily surface, a perfect lubricant.
My other hand searches for the pussy I had seen earlier. I’m doing it blindly while still sucking the alien’s tongue deeper and deeper into me. There it is. I separate the flesh around it. Layers of moist skin, with the same touch as the cock. The rocking continues.
An enormous clit is just at the top of the alien cunt, just like ours, only bigger. It feels different, harder, more like a small cock. I am gently exploring the pussy past the clit, going deeper inside. My hand is now fully inside the alien’s pussy.
The rocking continues. I’m about to come, then I feel what must be part of the alien’s clit. I think of my g-spot and begin to massage it. Oh, my god! I fucking just found an alien’s g-spot.
The rocking gets more intense, the cock grows harder, I can feel the blood pumping through the veins. The tongue turns into a second cock and is now throat fucking me like I’ve never been fucked before. The g-spot is pulsing with blood.
There is nothing in this world that compares. My brain loses its ability to understand what’s happening to me. It just feels fucking great. Whatever I know about sex, it’ll never be the same again. Trying to scream, which I never do when I come, nothing but silence escapes.
Aliens aren’t done quickly; I keep working on the g-spot. The reward is a harder and harder throat-fuck. My throat shouldn’t even be able to hold the size cock that the gentle tongue has turned into. The cock continues to grow wider and deeper. It’s tearing me apart!
Growing harder, pushing further than my body should allow, I feel the cock growing through my body. Both cocks! I am just swimming in a sea of ecstasy. My pussy now pushes against the alien’s. The two become one and the power of the alien is feeding directly into my cunt.
The rods in my mouth and ass continue their exploration, getting harder and straighter by the second. My head is forced back like a spit is piercing through my body. The coming orgasm feels different from anything a human can experience.
The two cocks melt into one, that’s how the alien gets off. I slide up and down the pole that is now passing through my body. For the first time, I hear the alien’s voice. One of deep pleasure, desire, and anticipation. The harder I slide up and down the rod in my body, the faster I get pushed up and down, the more intense my own body feels the coming orgasm.
Nothing touches my pussy, I long stopped massaging the alien’s g-spot. I’m realizing finally why I’ve never felt anything like this. My body is wrapped around his alien cock, from where it enters my mouth to where it exits my behind. It’s not two cocks, but one massive rod and the alien is using my body for what I believe a good hand-job must feel like.
With every second, the stroking gets faster, the rod inside me gets hotter and I feel like burning up from the inside. There is a tingling that sets in throughout my body. All my muscles are primed to explode in one massive orgasm. Not just around my pussy, every part that comes in contact with his rod is experiencing the same sensation.
There it is. The famous point of no return. I feel it how even the slightest touch will push the body over the edge. The alien pushes me down deep one more time before I experience a complete body meltdown. My head feels the release as much as my pussy does. And every part of my body in between.
I pass out.
The alarm goes off, I’m lying naked on the floor. It all feels surreal. Did I really just get fucked by an alien? I look for any evidence. Nothing but a few drops that could have come from my own dripping pussy.
The urge to use the bathroom is overwhelming. It feels good to relieve myself. It takes a while before I’ve emptied my bowel. Looking down between my legs I see a massive amount of white, creamy, alien cum.