A Tourist Hotwife

BERLINABLE eBook A Tourist Hotwife written by Vickie Vaughan
BERLINABLE eBook A Tourist Hotwife written by Vickie Vaughan

A Tourist Hotwife

A married couple takes a trip, and the wife decides to spice their sex life up by setting up a prostitute profile.

Kathy walked out of the bathroom, her latex outfit squeaking lightly as it rubbed against her skin. Her husband sat on the couch, his eyes opening wide as she approached him. It felt so deliciously naughty; pretending she was another person. Her skin tingled with anticipation, hoping that he would perform like she expected.

The thin rubber outfit had been purchased at a local sex store. Kathy thought it was the perfect way to show off her body while keeping things kinky for the two of them. Her job was to play a prostitute whom Peter had called up to his hotel room. She was excited to show herself off and perform for him like a real hooker would service a john.

Goedenavond. My name ist Katja and I am here for you to enjoy.” She walked straight up to him, her long heels clicking on the hardwood floor. Playing another role also gave her a wonderful amount of confidence. She knew she was going to enjoy every second of performing like a hooker would. It made her feel confident to strut in the thin material with four inch heels on, feeling her naked skin underneath.

He sat on the couch, his eyes taking in her movement as she strode confidently towards him. Then he finally spoke.

“That outfit is ridiculous.” He said with a cocky smile on his face.

The words were probably meant in jest, but they still completely ruined the mood. She had picked out the outfit earlier at a sex store as a surprise, hoping that it would turn him on. Her excitement deflated instantly.

“I thought you would enjoy it. I picked it out just for us.”

“You look like a condom.”

Kathy knew her body was excellent for her age. Peter loved the fact she kept herself in shape.

“I bet you know lots of guys who would love their wives to wear this.” It was hard to keep the contempt out of her voice.

He ignored her jab. “Never mind. Let’s keep going.”

The problem was the sexual mood was already broken. Kathy didn’t feel attractive anymore. She wanted to be worshipped, not mocked. Peter had a perfect way of making her feel slutty, not sexy. And she wanted to feel sexy.

Since they had been in Amsterdam, they had walked the Red-Light District to look at beautiful women on display. They had attended a sex club where the main even had been a woman taking on three men. Another location had two women behind a glass wall making love to each other while they watched. And each time, while it got a rise out of Peter, the final result was anything but what Kathy wanted. Their sex was okay, but it was just that – okay. Something was missing.

Her hope had been that her husband would discover a new sexual appetite while they were in a city literally built for sexual adventures. Their sex life had been mediocre at best through the past year and Kathy was becoming very frustrated with it. He had sex with her, but something about it wasn’t what she was looking for. It was far too vanilla, easy and plain. The same every time.

Hoping that the trip would generate some kind of sexual deviancy, fetish or spark in him, she had created all sorts of situations where any man would ravage an attractive woman. But Peter, while he did have sex with her, just kept everything the same. The role play with a special outfit was the final item on Kathy’s list, and now it had backfired.

She was starting to wonder what it would take to get him to actually fuck her the way she craved.

“Leave it. It’s not exactly sexy to be told you look like a condom.”

She stalked back to the bathroom and slid the tight dress over her head, dropping it onto the floor along with the stiletto heels. Pulling her pants and blouse back on, she walked back into the room, fuming.

“Babe. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t get into that. Come over here and let’s just cuddle.”

“Well, it doesn’t seem like you can get into anything lately. I’m sick of cuddling.” Kathy knew her words were probably harsh, but she was fed up with his attitude. Their vanilla sex life was driving her crazy.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean we’ve spent the better part of three days surrounded by everything sexual and nothing has changed. You’re still not getting it.”

“But we’ve had sex every day.” His brow wrinkled. Kathy couldn’t believe he was confused.

“That doesn’t mean anything, Peter. As always, you have no clue. I think I’d be better off letting another man show you how to fuck me.” His expression fell. Kathy felt guilty, realizing she might have gone too far. Then an idea flashed into her head.

“In fact, maybe that’s exactly what I want.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we’re in a city where sex for money is not only everywhere, it’s encouraged. You don’t think I’m sexy enough to get paid for my body. I think…

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